Making Business Auto Insurance Coverage Make Sense

Business auto liability insurance helps cover the financial responsibility if you or an employee is at fault in an accident and people are injured or get killed; it also provides coverage for damage to their property if damaged.

Your Business Owners Policy (BOP) does not provide any coverage for vehicles, so you need a separate policy. Talk with an Insurance Corner professional today about your commercial auto insurance exposure.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance policy offer coverage for situation and usage not covered by a personal auto policy. ... You may also have heard of this coverage referred to as commercial auto insurance, commercial car insurance, business auto insurance, truck insurance, or fleet insurance.

If any part of your business operation involved automobile with, taxi, van, limo, bus, company vehicle, single or fleet, small truck that you use for business, an employee that run arrows for your business; You need commercial auto insurance because a personal auto policy will not cover your vehicles used for business.

Several types of coverages are available in a commercial auto policy; others are options that you can purchase separately. You have the option of choosing various coverage amounts (“limits”) and deductibles; your typical commercial business auto coverage includes:

  • Property damage liability
  • Liability for bodily injury of others
  • Optional bodily injury coverage for injuries that occur outside of the state in which you reside
  • Personal injury to you, your employed drivers or passengers including medical expenses and lost wages
  • Collision coverage for costs associated with an accident, regardless of who is at fault
  • Comprehensive coverage for damage other than collision
  • Medical payments coverage for the cost of hospitalization, treatment and funeral expenses
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage
  • Non-owned auto coverage for when you or your employess drive a rented or borrowed vehicle
  • Loading and unloading liability
  • Substitution transportation when your commercial vehicle is being repaired and you use a loaner from the repair shop
  • Towing and labor costs

Your commercial vehicle coverage protectsyour business from the costs of property damage, injury and liability claims that you may incur in the use of your commercial vehicles, have conversation with Insurance Corner professional today.

If you use your vehicle for any of the following functions, you need commercial business auto coverage:

  • Using the vehicle to carry equipment
  • Transporting flammable or hazardous material
  • Transporting housekeeping equipment for business use
  • Using, carrying or transporting cranes, or winch or plow
  • Hiring your vehicle out to tow other vehicles
  • Delivering any goods such as pizza or any form of wholesale or retail products
  • Delivering newspapers
  • Trucking and freight transportation
  • Transporting people as a chauffeur, limousine service or taxi service

As a business owner, you can get commercial vehicle coverage for a single vehicle or a fleet of vehicles.

Available Coverages

Primary liability, Physical damage, Cargo Coverage, Workers Compensation, General Liability, Occupational Accident, broker bonds.

Cargo insurance provides protection against risks of physical loss or damage to freight from any external cause during shipping, whether by land, sea or air. ... Subject to certain packing exclusions.

  • Motor Truck Cargo Insurance. Motor Truck Cargo insurance (Cargo) provides insurance on the freight or commodity hauled by a For-hire trucker. It covers liability for cargo that is lost or damaged due to causes such as fire, collision, or striking of a load.
  • Marine insurance covers the loss or damage of ships, cargo, terminals, and any transport or cargo by which property is transferred, acquired, or held between the points of origin and final destination; and when goods are transported by mail or courier, shipping insurance is used instead.

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